I am blogging rather a lot about martial arts movies. It is not part of an academic or professional practice. It is just something I am doing for fun. And also, for fun, I read about these movies or listen to film commentaries when time allows. I make sure that if I use ideas or words that are not my own in my blogs then I attribute them accordingly. But I have also decided to list the books or articles I have read in this ‘Bibliography Blog’. I dunno – it just feels like the honourable thing to do somehow. While I would never conciously plagiarise someone else’s work, I feel that I should also keep track of whose ideas and words are swilling around in the subconcious part of my brain as well:

 Asian Pop Cinema by Lee Server

Ballet and Opera in the Age of Giselle by Marian Smith

Born to Defense – “Thanks to tension on the set” by Jet Li

The Birth of Opera by FW Sternfeld

Chasing Dragons by David West

Chinese Conception of the Theatre by Tao-Ching Hsu

Chinese Opera photos by Jessica Tan Gudnason and introduction by Gong Li

Chinese Opera: Images and Stories by Sun Wang Ngai and Peter Lovrick

Film Bodies: Gender, Genre and Excess by Linda Williams (published in Film Genre Reader 2)

Hong Kong Cinema by Stephen Teo

Iron Fisted Monk – DVD Commentary by Bey Logan

Kids from Shaolin – “The genesis of the story for Shaolin Kids was…” by Jet Li

Kung Fu Cult Masters by Leon Hunt

Kung Fu Films – Documentary on Shaw Brothers Collection DVDs

Lives in Chinese Music edited by Helen Rees

Melodrama by John Mercer and Martin Shingler

Martial Arts of Shaolin – “To tell the truth, I didn’t really want…” by Jet Li

OnceUpon A Time In China – DVD Commentary by Bey Logan and Mark King

Once Upon A Time in China – DVD Special Features – Interview Gallery featuring Jet Li and Yam Sai Kwun

Shaolin Temple – “We didn’t know how movies were made” by Jet Li

The Bourne Supremacy – DVD Commentary by Paul Greengrass

The Narrow Path: Chen Kaige in Conversation with Tony Rayns (published in Projections 3 edited by John Boorman and Walter Donohue).

The Origin of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Movie Genre and its influence on the American Film and Television Industry by L. Brystal Michallet-Romero http://whooshorg/issue84/romero1.html#backnote01

Shaw Brothers Movies by Sarah Wheatley http://www.heroic-cinema/article/shaws.html

The Terracotta Army by John Man (although I didn’t have time to read very far in this before it went back to the library)

Wu Xia – Documentary on Shaw brothers Collection DVDs

One of these days, I might actually organise this list so that it looks like a real bibliography.

10 thoughts on “Updated Bibliography

  1. This is a nice idea. In the martial arts we gather ideas and concepts from so many different places that it can be tough to place them all the time. I think this effort shows your sincerity.

    Also don’t worry about the ‘real’ bibliography format. This is the online wild west! haha.


  2. Organisation is the sign of a weak mind!!! One that has too much time for the fripperies of life! If you have space you must fill it with something else.

    Can I also ask why the old BBC micro computer games Ye Ar Kung Fu and Ye Ar Kung Fu 2 are not in your list? How can you profess to have any clear understanding on the subject without studying these two powerhouses of intellectual thought on the subject? Riddle me that Meredith.


  3. Nice site!!! I have studied Tao Chi Chu’an and Tien Shun Pai and plan on teaching soon. I have added you to my blogroll.


    1. Aaah! That’s you. I am already following it. I do not have the internet on at home and just snatch a few minutes on it here and there at libraries etc. This makes for a disjointed and confusing internet experience – hence the confusion.


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