Swordsman 2: Plot and Characters

I have written some blogs about Swordsman 2 and plan to start posting them soon. However, as a prelude to this I thought that I would post a blog that contained a summary of this film’s plot, along with a cast list. I thought I would do this as the plot of Swordsman 2 is difficult to follow and any readers of my blogs might like to have a plot summary to refer to. The following plot summary and cast list has been lifted from the Wikipedia entry on Swordsman 2 (with a couple of amendments from me):



Ling, Kiddo and members of the Mount Wah Sect are planning to retire from the Jianghu (martial arts world). They learn that Invincible Asia has seized control of the Sun Moon Holy Sect and is secretly plotting with some Japanese pirates to rebel against the imperial court and dominate China. Invincible Asia had castrated himself in order to master the skills in the Sacred Scroll, and, along with becoming a formidable pugilist, his appearance has become more feminine. Ling meets Invincible Asia by chance (without knowing Asia’s true identity), mistakes him for a beautiful young woman, and falls in love with “her”. Ling is distracted by Asia’s concubine Cici and Asia uses the opportunity to kill Ling’s fellows. Ling is knocked out and imprisoned in an underground dungeon later, where he meets Master Wu by coincidence and both of them escape from the prison together. Ling brings Kiddo, Ying, Master Wu and Zen with him to confront Invincible Asia, who dies after falling off a cliff. Master Wu regains control of his sect and starts killing the traitors who defected to Invincible Asia. Before the film ends, Ling and Kiddo leave secretly with Ying’s help as they know Master Wu Woxing cannot tolerate them.


  • Jet Li as Ling – the eldest member of the Mount Wah Sect. He intends to retire from the Jianghu with his fellows but he is dragged into the affairs of the Jianghu once more.
  • Brigitte Lin as Invincible Asia – intially Master Wu’s deputy. He seizes control of the cult from Wu and has Wu imprisoned in an underground dungeon. He castrated himself to master the skills in the Sacred Scroll, becoming a formidable pugilist, but becomes more feminine as well. He dies after falling off a cliff.
  • Michelle Reis as Kiddo – the only female member of the Mount Wah Sect. She is Ling’s younger disciple sister and has a crush on him. She leaves with Ling at the end of the film.
  • Rosamund Kwan as Ying – the daughter of Master Wu. She is in love with Ling as well. She refuses to leave with Ling and Kiddo at the end of the film.
  • Lau Shun as Zen – an elder of the Sun Moon Holy Sect. He remains loyal to Master Wu even though Invincible Asia takes over the leadership position.
  • Yam Sai Kwun as Master Wu – the leader of the Sun Moon Holy Sect. He is removed from power by Invincible Asia and imprisoned in an underground dungeon. Ling helps him escape and they defeat Invincible Asia together. He kills the traitors after regaining control of his cult and subtly reveals that he cannot tolerate Ling as well, forcing Ling to leave.
  • Candice Yu On On as Cici – Invincible Asia’s lover. She is used by Asia as a decoy to capture Ling’s attention while Asia goes to kill Ling’s fellows.

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  1. Norbert says:

    glad you’re back in the blogging business 🙂


  2. jpfmovies says:

    Dangerous my email to you keeps getting bounced back–you can use any thing you want for a review and just describe me the clips which I send to you for approval and that will be that. I would suggest you write something new but it is entirely up to you. Let me know a real email I can get to you at.


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