Blogs about the Choreography in Once Upon A Time In China 2

Recently I have been working on blogs about one of my favourite movies – Once Upon A Time in China 2. I am nearly ready to start posting them. A little while ago I posted a blog that was a transcription of an interview with Donnie Yen, who plays an important character in this film. This blog can be found here:

There is much to love in this very well made movie but in the following blogs I will be focusing on some of the fight scenes as there is so much I admire in the choreography, performances and concepts behind these scenes. So look out for the following blogs:

  • Wong Fei Hung’s introductory fight against the White Lotus Sect
  • Wong versus Lam: A brief introductory blog
  • Wong versus Lam: Some comments about the set
  • Wong versus Lam: How the choreography contributes to character definition
  • The fight in the White Lotus Sect Temple.

I am currently at work on the last blog and it is proving to be rather longish. This is not surprising as this fight scene is packed with choreographic goodness. I may well split it in 2.

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4 Responses to Blogs about the Choreography in Once Upon A Time In China 2

  1. JPFmovies says:

    You know my significant other (a black belt) agrees with you 100% on the beauty of the fight sequences.


  2. Well, your significant other definitely has taste. Some of my favourite choreography is in this film


  3. I finally came around to seeing the OUATIC trilogy a few weeks ago – I’m eagerly anticipating your inside look on part 2.


  4. Thanks Norbert. Hope you enjoy my waffling efforts


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