Mini Review: Duel to the Death (1993)

Duel to the Death (1993) starring Tsui Siu Keung, Lau Chong Yan, Flora Cheung and directed by Ching Siu Tung.

To be completely honest, I sometimes find Ching Siu Tung’s choreography to be a little over dominated by wire fu (I am ambivalent about wire fu) but in this movie I thought that there was a nice balance between when (and why) folks were flying through the air and when they fought with their feet on the ground. The plot features the shenanigans of 2 star crossed lovers and a couple of beetling browed young men who slash each other to bits over some obscure point of honour. The film looks just GAWJUSS!!!, the fight choreography is great and the grand sweep of the story is happily punctuated by moments of absurdity that are so beloved to fans of kung fu movies across the world. For example (BE WARNED SPOILERS COMING UP) there is the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment featuring the naked lady ninja brandishing a large net, and then later in the film there is a dude who turns out to have wooden prosthetic legs that (happily for the viewer) come off in a couple of fights.

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2 Responses to Mini Review: Duel to the Death (1993)

  1. dorkarama says:

    I particularly liked the giant ninja and Casanova Wong’s battle against the ninja who drop out of the sky on kites.
    We’re overdue for a good ninja movie.


  2. Ninja on kites – who can resist? I agree – we ARE overdue for a good Ninja movie


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