Mini Review – The Bride With White Hair 2

Starring Brigitte Lin and directed by David Wu and Ronnie Yu.

By a weird coincidence I watched this film in much the same conditions as I watched the Bride with White Hair about a year ago – reeling under the impact of some bad news. Which means that I watched both these films at 2 am in the morning, slightly drunk and feeling so upset that I felt sick. As a result both these films passed before me in a sort of a haze but I do want to rewatch them in order to really have a look at the sexual dynamics, which I think are pretty fascinating – the mills and boon soft porn dynamics, the army of mad bitter brides in film number 2 (made me think of the ballet Giselle) and those freaky arsed Siamese twins in film 1. The handsome and charismatic Brigitte Lin seems to attract film roles that have something to do with dubious sexual identity, so sitting down 1 rainy Saturday afternoon and watching a bunch of her films to try and unpack this might be in order for me soon, I think.

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9 Responses to Mini Review – The Bride With White Hair 2

  1. jpfmovies says:

    Dangerous I too sort of saw the Bride With White Hair, but I think the movie put me into a haze. Yes I watched it late at night, but without any booze though and I’ll be damned if I have any idea what the movie was about other than it was a pretty tough one to find and download. I had no idea they made a second one, please let us viewers know what either or both of them are about.



    • Why, JP, that would mean me watching them while I was sober and I haven’t gotten around to that yet. With Hong Kong movies, sometimes I think that they don’t let things like plot get in the way of a good movie. But as I said above, trying to unpack the sexual dynamics of Brigitte Lin’s films could be a fun project for sometime in the future.


  2. I also wasn’t aware that they made a sequel. I’ll check it out. I’m sorry about your bad news! I hope everything works out okay!


  3. jpfmovies says:

    My goodness dangerous what can we do to cheer you up so that never happens again?


    • Keep posting great blogs about all kinds of movies? I swear to god that my beloved chopsockies have kept me sane over the last couple of years – viewing one of them just blasts the cobwebs out of my head.

      And I haven’t watched Red Cliff yet – I am saving it up for when I have a spare day and a nice bottle of red handy.


  4. miakawatase says:

    Excuse me!

    I want to ask you the title of the movie that played in the same era with this movie.

    Its story is about the ghost who’ll be inside of the women who has pregnant. In the emperor, the king has 3 wives. And all of them get pregnant. So they become the wicked ghosts.

    And there is one of the servant gets pregnant too. So she also become the wicked ghost.

    There is a moment when the servant meets with her husband. She grabs his neck and lift him up. From his cloth, an origami of swan falls down. And she remembers that he is her husband. Once, they were in lake and made the origami of swan.

    In the end of this story, the people alive in that city is just she and her husband. So her husband kills her with the melting of the golden Buddhist statue. She cries. Her fetus screams. But the only thing that he can do just kill her to save the day.


    • Good lord! What a plot. I haven’t seen this one so I don’t know. Maybe JP (who has commented above) will know? Or you could try fellow bloggers Kiai-Kick, or Silver Emulsion (Unclue Jasper and Will Silver’s blog) or Dorkorama? They know heaps about Asian cinema.


  5. jpfmovies says:

    Dangerous did you get the clip I promised you?


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