Lone Wolf and Cub – Baby Cart in the Land of Demons. Great title huh!

Directed by Kenji Misumi.

OKAY CALL THE SOCIAL WORKERS! The toddler in this film is pushed through the countryside in a wooden pram by his assassin dad as he trudges from 1 gory fight to another. The wee tacker is constantly exposed to scenes of death and brutality (and at 1 stage cops a pretty sound beating) that has me seriously worried about his future psychological development. I haven’t been so horrified about the fate of a child since Jet Li’s character tied a rope around his own son and used him as a weapon in ‘My Father is a Hero’. Apart from this I actually enjoyed this film – there was a beaut fight scene every 5 minutes and I felt that it was quite nicely filmed.

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4 Responses to Lone Wolf and Cub – Baby Cart in the Land of Demons. Great title huh!

  1. JPFmovies says:

    Oh yeah Dangerous this is without question on of my favorite series! I have them all! I was thinking of reviewing them myself but as usual you beat me to the proverbial punch!


  2. Yes but this is such a short review (more a reviewlet) that I think you SHOULD write a review of them all. G’arn! It’d be a beaut blogging series. There’s such a lot to these films.


  3. Ryan Lynch says:

    Hey Meredith-

    I’ve read some of the manga this movie’s based on – how do you think it stacks up?


    • I haven’t read the manga, I have only seen the movies. But it would be interesting to look at the manga to compare the illustrations with the cinematography in the movies. When I watch the movies I quite often find the way the shots are set up to be quite beautiful. Have you seen the movies? They’re worth a look if you haven’t.


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