Mini review – Human Lanterns

By the way, I am about to disappear to my parent’s place in the country where there is no internet coverage so you wont be hearing from me for a week or 2. Whatever the festive season means to you, and however you choose to spend it, I hope that it, and the year following, brings you the opportunity to experience joy and lots of goodies!

Starring Lo Lieh and directed by Sun Chung.

I actually hate most horror films as I have a very low tolerance for gore and am easily scared, but I was interested as to what a Shaw brothers kung-fu take on this genre would look like. Lo Lieh’s character is definitely not a happy camper, and in this film he has hit upon a particularly disgusting way of expressing this. I thought that the plot was actually quite good. Liu Yung and Chen Kuan-tai play 2 alpha males who allow their mutual enmity to blind them to the fact that a mad man is using their wives and sisters in his handicrafts from hell project. I particularly liked the martial arts choreography (by Tang Chia and Huang Pei-chi). It looked most elegant to my untrained eye, and I enjoyed it very much for its own sake.

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4 Responses to Mini review – Human Lanterns

  1. Will Silver says:

    Sounds pretty good! I’ll have to get to this one eventually. Hong Kong horror movies are a special breed and are usually quite enjoyable. I also like Lo Lieh quite a bit, so I’m always happy when he’s around.

    Come check out the new Silver Emulsion too!


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