Mini Review: Clans of Intrigue.

Shaw Brothers, 1977

Starring Ti Lung, Pei Ti, Nora Miao, and directed by Chu Yuan.

This is a wuxia film filmed in a historical setting with a nod towards James Bond. Our handsome hero (Ti Lung) lives a glamorous life as a Master of Thieves on a houseboat surrounded by a bevy of beautiful female martial artists. He finds himself involved in a complicated plot to try and uncover the identity of a masked assassin who is trying to frame him for a series of murders. The sets and costumes are elaborate and colourful (even for a Shaw Brothers wuxia film), the action is suitably graceful and there are those little bizarre touches (such as simulated cannibalism and some discreet lesbian sex in a pastel hued papier mache cave) that all of us who love kung fu movies have come to expect from the genre. I come in from a dull job in a grey world and I rely on movies like this to take me to a happy place. This is good escapist viewing and I really enjoyed this film very much.

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5 Responses to Mini Review: Clans of Intrigue.

  1. jpfmovies says:

    Meredith I am glad to see your back! This is a good movie, and for me to say that is a feat because I actually don’t like shaw brothers movies very much.


  2. Will Silver says:

    Haven’t seen this one but your first sentence makes it sound fantastic.

    I’m shocked you don’t generally like Shaw Bros JP! They are so fun-filled and exciting!


  3. Will, this film is good fun. And, like you, I am shocked to find out that JP doesn’t like Shaw Brothers films. I somehow assumed that you would, JP. But each to his own I suppose.


  4. jpfmovies says:

    I know dangerous I am hanging my head in shame but I just can’t help it–I think I was over exposed to them as a child.


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