Can you help me: 2 questions about Legend of the Red Dragon

I am about to start posting blogs about Legend of the Red Dragon but there are 2 things that puzzle me about this film.

The first is Jet Li’s eyebrows. He has been made up so that he has these aggressive looking straight line eyebrows. I have read somewhere that big bushy hairy eyebrows on a character in kung fu movies signify that the person is some sort of an adept. Do the straight line eyebrows signify some sort of character trait? Or indicate a racial background?

The second is why is the evil monk wearing make up? It is referred to by other characters but never explained.

Does anyone out there have any ideas?

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4 Responses to Can you help me: 2 questions about Legend of the Red Dragon

  1. Sorry, I’ve no idea on either points – though the eyebrow thing is interesting, with sage or kung fu grandmasters once often depicted with long, white eyebrows. (Did you ever see Tsui Hark’s Zu Warriors from Magic Mountain; there’s a scene where meditating monk fights using only his eyebrows… )


    • I have seen warriors from zu mountain. It was actually one of the first martial arts films I saw (a long time ago now – on SVS TV actually. Good old SBS!) I saw, in rapid succession Project A and Warriors from Zu Mountain and then OUTIC. Project A and Warriors primed me, and OUTIC tipped me over the edge into becoming the martial arts movie fanatic that I am today. I might be wrong but wasn’t it Sammo Hung playing the eyebrow dude in Warriors?


  2. Yep, that was Sammo. SBS was a goldmine of discovery (probably still is, but I don’t have quite as much patience as I used to for sitting down and watching TV for extended periods), with Des Mangan’s weekly cult movie generally the highlight for me.


    • Yes he was a joy wasn’t he? My TV antenna doesn’t work so I currently don’t watch TV so it is quite a while since I have watched good old SBS (which turned me into the kung fu movie freak I am today)


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