Rita Mae’s Jackie Chan blog

Some time last year I came across a blog on WordPress that was dedicated to the films of Jackie Chan. The writer of the blog, Rita Mae, was an ardent fan who wrote extensively on Jackie’s films. Her blogs are well written and celebratory in tone. Sadly, Rita passed away following a prolonged struggle with illness. Her sister Maria was good enough to leave a comment on my blog to let me know of Rita’s passing, and she has decided to leave Rita’s blogs up as a tribute to her sister. If you are a fan of Jackie’s movies then you might like to check out Rita’s blog here: http://snakeandeagle.wordpress.com/

Below I have included the message I sent to Maria after learning of Rita’s death. It may give you some impression of Rita’s lovely online personality:

Maria, thank you very much for leaving the comment on my blog. I knew that your sister was struggling with serious illness and when she stopped posting blogs I feared for the worse. I appreciate you letting me know what happened. I am glad that this blog will be kept going. Rita was a fine writer, and a skilled and readable wordsmith. The blog is a testament to her discipline, intelligence, insight and perceptiveness.

I feel that it was a privilege corresponding with Rita. I am also a fan of kung fu movies and she was someone I could rave to when I watched a Jackie Chan movie. She had a warm and friendly online personality and I felt that a comment would always be welcome on her blog.

When I blog about my favourite kung fu movies I feel that I am essentially writing about myself. While Jackie is a genius, and worthy of your sister’s critical attention, Rita’s blog reveals a lot about herself as well as his movies. Even though she was seriously ill her blog was always upbeat. I think Jackie Chan’s own courage is a quality that Rita probably resonated with and had to draw on in her own struggle with her illness. In loving and blogging about his flamboyant, creative, and funny movies she was creating a testament to her own vitality and mighty love of life.

I offer you and all of Rita’s family and friends my most sincere condolences. I hope your current life circumstances offer you the chance to start processing your grief in the best way possible.

And Rita, where ever you are – Thanks, and Godspeed.

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1 Response to Rita Mae’s Jackie Chan blog

  1. Wow. I had no idea about her blogsite. I’ve read a few items on it, and it’s great to see such a devout JC fan. I really wish I had gotten a chance to correspond with her. Many good discussions would’ve been had.

    Thanks for posting this, DM. Your letter to Maria was beautiful. Maria, if you read this, thank you for leaving her blog up. In some way it will still let me get to know a fellow JC fan.


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