Great quote No. 1:

Quote from seminal director King Hu:

“I’ve always taken the action part of my films as dancing rather than fighting. Because I’m very interested in the Peking Opera, and particularly its movements and action effects, although I think it’s difficult to express them adequately on stage, where the physical limitations are too great. A lot of people in Hong Kong have misunderstood me, and have remarked that my action scenes are sometimes ‘authentic’ and sometimes not. In point of fact, they’re always keyed to the notion of dance”. (Chan Ting Ching, Ng Ho and Sek Kei, eds. ‘A Study of the Hong Kong Martial Arts Film’ 1980, p. 103)”.

Although I actually read this quote on p. 99 of David West’s ‘Chasing Dragons: An Introduction to the Martial Arts Film’. David blogs here on wordpress as Dorkorama.

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1 Response to Great quote No. 1:

  1. I am still plugging away at my blog on the choreography in My Father is a Hero. Hope to finish and post it soon.


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