Great Quote Number 5

“American film makers have gotten to the point where they create their fights in the editing room. Those types of sequences are just designed for a visceral, flash-cut impact, and the audience’s brains are never really engaged… Hong Kong action directors actually bring narrative arcs into the fights, and tell a little story within the fighting. (Larry Wachowski, director of The Matrix, American Cinemtographer magazine, Probst, 1999, p 34).”

I found this quote on page 243 of David West’s Chasing Dragons: An Introduction to the Martial Arts Film

This ability to “tell a little story within the fighting” is one of the many abilities I admire in the work of Hong Kong martial arts choreographers. I am still working on my blog about the action in Corey Yuen’s My Father is a Hero. I am hoping to post something soon.

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