“But Julian Stringer reminds us that there are some issues of cultural power surrounding the ‘camp’ gaze at Hong Kong cinema, which is, after all, a ‘largely white gaze at a Chinese other‘ (1996/97: 55)”. p. 12

“… box office figures do not tell us much about how a film was received and the conditions under which its success was permissible. More subtly, many ‘appreciative’ accounts of Hong Kong cinema celebrate its ‘mindlessness’, ‘a cinema of incessant action, eye-popping effects, and cartoon-like violence’ (Dannen and Long 1997: 5). Of course, the camp gaze is an extreme version of the power relationship inherent in the Western consumption of kung fu. But that power relationship has a firm basis in what Desser calles the ‘Encounter with Asia’ (2000: 27), an encounter marked by conquest and appropriation.” p. 12

Leon Hunt, Kung Fu Cult Master.

I apologise that the authors that Hunt has quoted within the quote above are not properly cited. I don’t own a copy of Kung Fu Cult Master – I accessed it through the library – so I cannot look up it’s bibliography. The quotes above are reproduced exactly as I copied them down in my notes.

As with most people at this time of year, the next couple of weeks are going to be mega busy for me. I am going away to the Gold Coast in the week before Xmas, and then away to my parent’s place for the Xmas-New Year week so I am doing extra hours at work next week to make sure I accommodate enough TOIL to do this. I have also booked myself in to see 13 films at the Japanese Film Festival here in Melbourne next week. So I won’t have as much time for writing blogs as I usually do.

I am currently plugging away at a couple of blogs looking at Jet Li in Romeo Must Die, although I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to finish and post them. I have also transcribed some passages from the director’s commentary of The Replacement Killers, which deal with Chow Yun Fat in his first American movie role. Hopefully I’ll finish tidying up these so I can post them as well. So the blogs I will be posting next will look at the way 2 Asian stars and their styles of performance fare when encountering the “power relationship” with the Hollywood system that Hunt mentions above.

2 thoughts on “Great Quote No. 7

  1. Dangerous it is an interesting perspective you are taking here–as usual. You posts are always a fascinating and unorthodox view of the Asian cinema.

    Sounds like a full plate over the holidays–good luck and anything you get out I’ll be giving a read.


    1. Thanks JP! Looking forward to reading your stuff too. I have been busy over the last week not just doing extra hours at work but in going to the Japanese Film Festival here in Melbourne. I am half way through seeing 15 films in 7 days.


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