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Chow Yun Fat on the set

In this excerpt from my transcription of the commentary to The Replacement Killers, director Antoine Fuqua talks about Chow Yun Fat’s attitude to his work. You don’t always need 100 million dollars to make something exciting. You just need to be … Continue reading

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Great Quote No. 11

“Jet Li’s ‘aura’ is quieter, but no less compelling – in Once Upon A Time in China‘s ladder fight, he dominates a fight scene in which he actually took little combative part. The camera gives as much as it takes … Continue reading

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Another excerpt from Directors commentary on The Replacement Killers

This is a brief excerpt from a transcription I made of Director Antoine Faqua’s commentary for his movie, The Replacement Killers, which starred Chow Yun Fat. In this excerpt he discusses the approach of Asian film makers to film making. … Continue reading

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Great Quote No. 10

“(Critic David) Bordwell… points out that the rythmic pulse of Hong Kong action requires stasis as well as movement, with ‘lightning switches between quick, precise gestures and punctuating poses’ ”. Leon Hunt, Kung Fu Cult Masters, p. 28 Nicely spotted David … Continue reading

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Nature in samurai Films

Recently I came across a book on Samurai films in my local library. Entitled ‘Stray Dogs and Lone Wolves: The Samurai Film Handbook’ and written by Patrick Galloway, it seems to be pitched at newcomers to the genre. I wonder … Continue reading

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geungsi, mama hung, shopping

I have been having good luck with my shopping lately. I was poking about in a DVD shop in Melbourne’s Chinatown recently when I found, on sale and literally gathering dust on a bottom shelf, a boxed set of Vampire … Continue reading

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