Great Quote No. 13

” ‘New Wave’ wirework shows us things we know to be untrue… But wires also feature in Jackie Chan’s more ‘realistic’ fights, enhancing moves which at least seem possible… One might argue that this is much more of a ‘Wicked Lie’ than Jet Li’s gravity-defying shadow kick, but, significantly, that is not an argument that is ever offered.” Leon Hunt, Kung Fu Cult Masters, p. 45

What did you do today? I spent the afternoon in the State Library of Victoria reading Hong Kong Cinema – The Extra Dimension by Stephen Teo and The Asian Influence on Hollywood Action Films by Barna William Donovan. Good times!

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7 Responses to Great Quote No. 13

  1. P J Italiano says:

    Your words are very powerful. I travel extensively doing feasibility planning and other studies in rural areas. I have noticed that there is an epidemic of lying out here in the Real World. Unnecessary, unwarranted, diabolical, wicked lying. I am taking a course in International Management. The instructor is focusing on the characteristics of certain ethnic groups. He was explaining how lying is a way of life with many groups. In the wide-wide-world of make-believe making things a bit extreme (creating illusions) is expected, after all it is just playing make believe. It is only a picture show. I look forward to reading your reviews, you really break the martial arts films down in everyday phraseology that I can understand. Thank you for being so cold-blooded at what you do. Peace be with you; and, stay strong.


    • Thanks PJ. I’m glad you enjoy my blogs. I love writing them. Unfortunately I haven’t had much chance to do that this year due to work pressures but I am looking forward to getting back into it.

      Recently I have also been working in community development. Your work sounds interesting.


      • P J Italiano says:

        Thank you, I love your writing. I have been in private practice you might say writing grants for a private developer. I have lauched my own project; and, my web site will be up next week. Community Development of Orange County is the project name. I will be working in the areas of domestic and international freight, land development in rural areas –the South is the last virgin territory, grant writing, entertainment. I have a “young” crew that I am training and they are unpolished but talented. They like to goof off a lot. The older folks are tired and burnt out. I wish I could recruit a dream team with the mind that I have. I would be a trillionaire. I fight a lot of jealousy from other females even though I am trying to help them. Speaking of the South I want to go into rural areas and do a feasibility study, a marketing analysis, a business concept model and build affordable housing, initiate comprehensive case management and supportive services and create worker-owned, worker-managed cooperatives. If you like I can send my my stategic plan for your review and comment. My e mail address is I am assembling an honorary planning advisory committee to include individuals of affluence, influence and wealth. I was raised Roman Catholic and Mother Superior who has three Ph.D. mentored me. Also Jesuit and Franscican priests and Benedictine monks, so I have an unusual background.


  2. Wow! Sounds like quite an undertaking. I have not ever worked on anything of that scale but I will send you an email as I would be curious at looking at your strategic plan (I love looking at strategic plans. I’m a bit funny that way). Good luck with it.

    I’m sorry that you have attracted jealousy. And you also comment above that you encounter a lot of wicked, diabolical lying. I have also attracted enormous aggression (covert and overt) from work colleagues which I find to be enormously puzzling (not to say distressing!) as, like you, I only ever try to be helpful. I’m not sure what the solution is there. But watching lots of kung fu movies helps to take my mind off it all and takes me to a happier place 😉


    • P J Italiano says:

      That is how I relax by watching martial art movies. I think that if we lived before we were great soldiers, warriors and conquerors perhaps even Queen’s of some serious tribes. I am a real, woman like any other woman. I just think like a business woman. I am a thinking woman. I also play poker, shoot pool and love to meditate on seeing myself where I want to be through positive affirmations and visualization. I love reading Julius Caesar, Walt Whitman, G. K. Chesterton and Mahatma Ghandi. I know I will enjoy cultivating a mutually beneficial business relationship with you little by little as time goes by. I simply love your work products. Great inspiration for me. Also, I have a deep spiritual connection with the Chinese and Japanese people. Peace be with you and stay strong.


  3. Scott Baboyian says:

    I love the wirework in films like Swordsman II– delirious insanity. It has its own aesthetic. What I have a bigger issue with is when CGI is blended poorly with the action in contemporary movies like Donnie Yen’s Iceman– many of the weapons were just blatant pieces of CG animation.


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