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Wong Jing – you nasty little man…

Or The Depiction of Martial Artists in High Risk. “Cross referencing is a constant in Wong Jing’s scavenger movies. Their in-jokes are too opportunistic to count as homages.” David Bordwell, Planet Hong Kong, P. 175 In his direction of his … Continue reading

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Rita Mae’s Jackie Chan blog

Some time last year I came across a blog on WordPress that was dedicated to the films of Jackie Chan. The writer of the blog, Rita Mae, was an ardent fan who wrote extensively on Jackie’s films. Her blogs are … Continue reading

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A blog in which I ramble on about drunken boxing…

Drunken boxing is one of my favourite styles of performative kung fu to watch. I am partial to this kind of dance-like material in martial arts films. As you watch and wait for that penultimate moment when the swaying drunken … Continue reading

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Mini Review: Island of Fire

I am currently writing some self indulgently long essays on one of my favourite films – Tai chi Master. But I’m not ready to post them yet. So I thought that I would fill in time by reposting some mini … Continue reading

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