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The Bridge Duel in Hanzo the Razor – The Snare

I find the Hanzo the Razor films to be fairly objectionable. A grouchy jowly dude with a big dick tortures people and we are expected to find this amusing and horny. I can’t. Women are shown being tortured and raped, … Continue reading

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Ginji the Slasher

I recently rewatched a Japanese film, Ginji the Slasher, which is a film I like very much. It made me think about what constitutes a martial arts film, as opposed to a film that belongs to another genre and which … Continue reading

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Upcoming Asian Movie Events in Melbourne

Things have been quiet for me on the blogging front lately. I have a couple of blogs finished and waiting to be posted, but haven’t been motivated to stuff about with the process on posting them online yet. I haven’t … Continue reading

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