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Princess Iron Fan (Mainland China, 1941)

I dutifully watched this old animated film revolving around the Journey to the West stories about Princess Iron Fan in the interests of research, allowing for the fact that the film is so very old and such an early example of animation from … Continue reading

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In the worlds before Monkey, primal chaos reigned…

“The nature of Monkey was irrepressible!” Remember the Japanese TV show ‘Monkey’? Did you know that it was an adaptation of an ancient classical Chinese novel; or that the story has been remade oodles of time as Chinese Opera, theatre, … Continue reading

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My new project: Journey to the West

“Dangerous Meredith’s rapturous rant about cult classic Monkey Magic…” So raves a small part of a promotional blurb about an event being held at the end of February at which I am pledged to give a talk. Some long time … Continue reading

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Blogging about Once Upon A Time In China:

a word of explanation… I have had something of a blogging orgy when it came to writing about this film. Um. So far I’ve written 5 blogs on the choreography, 2 blogs about Li and his character Wong Fei Hung, … Continue reading

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